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GALOPPS 3.2.4 - the "Genetic ALgorithm Optimized for Portability and Parallelism System"

LAST UPDATED: September 9, 2001.


GALOPPS is a flexible, generic GA, in 'C'. It was based upon Goldberg's Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA) architecture, in order to make it easier for users to learn to use and extend.

Here is a general description of GALOPPS, its capabilities, and its enhancements relative to the Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA).

Here are features which are NEW in GALOPPS 3.2.

Sample applications included in all versions of GALOPPS 3.2 are described here.

For information on DOWNLOADING one of the 4 current releases of GALOPPS, click on the release below:
A previous change to Release 3.2 was made Sept. 8, 1pm. -- the new GUI for the Unix version was removed until it can be restructured and repaired -- remainder of GALOPPS continues to work as before. Second GGA example (makespan scheduling) was added, and input template descriptions were corrected. Current users of 3.2 need not reload unless want these additions/deletions (just don't try to use GUI until it's fixed).

For more information on GALOPPS, contact Erik Goodman

GALOPPS, Erik Goodman