GALOPPS 3.2 for PC Users

LAST UPDATED: August 25, 2002.

USE OF GALOPPS on a PC requires a 32-bit compiler which can address more than 640KB of RAM. Users without that capability might want to check out the freeware "djgpp" compiler, but it is NO LONGER distributed with GALOPPS. (Note: The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, for example, works just fine with GALOPPS, as does Borland C. Under MS VC++, just build galopps as a 32-bit console application, using the directions in the GALOPPS 3.2 Users' Guide.)


Either of the forms distributed below are of the original 3.2 release, WITHOUT the bug fixes provided in 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 and 3.2.4. To take advantage of those bug fixes, simply download the UNIX version and use that on your PC. Currently, the only difference between PC and Unix versions is that the source code and input files in the PC version were terminated with the CRLF DOS-type line endings, rather than the CR-only endings used in Unix. To most systems, this makes no difference, but some OS's or editors are sensitive to the difference. So, at worst, you may need to download the Unix version, then use some utility like "dos2unix" on the files to convert them to the proper line endings for your OS.

In a future release, I plan to provide VC++ nmake files and .dsw project files with the PC version, but I haven't had time to do that yet, so for now, PC users must follow the compilation directions in the GALOPPS Users' Guide to define their project or nmake file.

You may download GALOPPS for PC users in two forms (hold shift and click below):

zipped GALOPPS3.2, or

ARJ-compressed GALOPPS3.2.

(You may also download the ARJ utility if you need it. To extract galopps 3.2, type arj x galopp32.arj, and it will create and fill directory galopps3.2)

PC users may instead use the source code from the Unix distribution -- the only difference is the Unix-type line endings instead of the DOS-type line endings. Compilation directions are given in the User Guide contained in the GALOPPS distribution (in subdirectory docs). GALOPPS has been run under Borland 'C', and Microsoft 'C', and other compilers. This code has also been compiled and run on a Macintosh.

For more information on GALOPPS, contact Erik Goodman

GALOPPS, Erik Goodman