Several versions of GALOPPS Release 3.2 and/or documentation ( (gzipped PostScript) and guide32.doc, a gzipped MS Word 6.0 document) are available by FTP from in directory GA/galopps. Release 3.2.4 is packaged for Unix users in tarred, gzipped form. It includes the user's guide (both forms) in its /docs subdirectory.

Click here to ftp the complete GALOPPS3.2.4 distribution for a Unix system.
The file includes information on how to update applications you have written under earlier GALOPPS releases (3.0 and beyond) to release 3.2 (see file "changes.txt"). If you gunzip it and use

tar xvf galopps3.2.4.tar

in a directory, it will make a directory galopps3.2.4 under that directory. NOTE: If you have made local modifications to an earlier GALOPPS release, use care to preserve them by installing GALOPPS 3.2.4 in another directory (by default, it will be in galopps3.2.4, which should not conflict) and moving them in carefully while checking for differences in the new GALOPPS routines, as well. Some files have undergone SOME change. See file changes.txt under the downloaded directory for the changes in each release.

Click here to get only a copy of the User's Guide in PostScript form. For a copy as a Microsoft Word 6.0 document (.doc) file, click here
For more information on GALOPPS, contact Erik Goodman

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