GALOPPS 3.1 for PVM --

The Parallel Virtual Machine

LAST UPDATED: July 20, 1996.

Unix users on networks or on parallel processing systems may now use a PVM-based release of GALOPPS3.01, which will "automatically" launch GALOPPS slave processes on a list of available processors, running from an input file like the one used to run GALOPPS on a SINGLE processor. This eliminates the need for the user to start Manypops on each processor to be used. Unix users without PVM can also obtain it for installation from the net via ftp. The release of GALOPPS under PVM was written by Vera Bakic, a graduate student in Computer Science at MSU. A special guide, in directory /docs in the PVM release, tells the user how to install this PVM GALOPPS release to use PVM.

Click here to ftp the NEW PVM GALOPPS3.1 distribution for a Unix system. The latest update was done on July, 1996. Note: The PVM version is a beta test release, and has not undergone testing nearly as extensive as the regular Unix and PC releases. Release 3.1 is a minor bug-fix release, and contains no new features not contained in PVM GALOPPS Release 3.0. The documentation has been improved in this release. For more information on GALOPPS, contact Erik Goodman

GALOPPS, Erik Goodman